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Our Volunteers

Mary Ellen Tidwell
Co-Founder & President
Tracy Holt
Secretary & Treasurer
Ashlee Spayberry
Rescue Manager & Events Coordinator
Whitney Underwood
Rescue Manager
Brenda P.
Event Administrative Team Member
David S.
New Beginnings Transportation, Owner
Diane W.
Social Media Coordinator
Heather S.
New Beginnings Transportation, Owner - Foster
Joyce M.
Adoption Coordinator - Foster Coordinator, PA
Karen C.
Adoption Coordinator
Karen S.
Adoption Coordinator
Kathy M.
Adoption Coordinator - Grant Writer - Fundraising Coordinator - Website Development Manager
Kelsey D.
Website Coordinator
Lilian K.
Event Administrative Team Member
Maria A.
Adoption Coordinator
Melissa T.
Event Administrative Team Member - Social Media Coordinator
Merit G.
Monica L.
Foster - Behavioral Consultant
Pat H.
Patricia L.
Adoption Facilitator
Rose D.
Grant Writer - Project Manager
Ruth L.
Adoption Coordinator
Rynthia M.
Adoption Coordinator - Social Media Manager
Sandy S
Vice President
Sheila B.
Adoption Coordinator - Foster
Teresa N.
Troy G.
Event Administrative Team Member
…and the many PetSmart volunteers who are too numerous to name but whose help is so greatly appreciated!
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