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A decision to adopt a dog should never be made on impulse or taken lightly. The average lifespan of a dog is 10-13 years, with many dogs living much longer. Are you and your family ready for this commitment?


We highly recommend training for all dogs. Not only will your dog learn to be polite, but training can be a wonderful bonding experience. The “sit, stay, come,” group training sessions are adequate most of the time, but we believe that training is a lifelong process. One of the best investments that you can make in your dog is to hire a certified trainer/behaviorist, and we encourage you to explore this option. He/She will come to your home, observe how your family members and dog interact, and identify and address any potential problematic behaviors/bad habits that your dog may have. You will be spending many years to come with your new canine companion - investing time now will lead to a smoother transition into your lifestyle.

Rule of 3

3 days

  • Feeling Overwhelmed
  • May feel Scared/Unsure of what's going on
  • Not comfortable enough to be Himself/Herself
  • May not want to Eat/Drink
  • Shuts down and/or hides under furniture
  • Tests the Boundaries

3 weeks

Learn Your Routine
  • Starts Settling In
  • Feels more Comfortable
  • Realizes this could be His/Her forever home
  • Figures out His/Her environment
  • Gets into a Routine
  • Let's His/Her guard down
  • May begin to show true Personality
  • Behaviour issues may start to appear

3 months

Start To Feel At Home
  • Finally feels completely comfortable in His/Her home
  • Begins to build trust and true bond
  • Gains a complete sense of security with his/Her new family
  • Settles into a routine
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