New Beginnings

New Beginnings, which is run by David and Heather Sharit - a devoted husband-and-wife team - transports our newly adopted dogs every 2-3 weeks from their fosters’ homes in Alabama to their new adoptive families in the Northeast. Only medically-cleared dogs that have committed adoptions in place are transported, with the exception of dogs brought up for our Adoption Events.

You will be assigned a transport date & time at one of the following pickup locations during the finalization of your adoption.

Pick Up Locations

Salem, VA
Go Mart Gas Station
Exit 137 off I-81 North
1918 W. Main Street
Arrival:  7 – 11 PM EST
Hagerstown, MD
17740 Garland Groh Boulevard
Arrival:  3:30 AM EST
Newtown, PA
2600 South Eagle Road
Arrival: 8:30 – 9 AM EST
Salem, VA
Hagerstown, VA
Newtown, PA

Transportation News

Our primary transport van was rear-ended and totaled while en route to an Adoption Event in June of 2022. We are relieved to report that neither our human nor canine precious cargo was injured. Some crates came crashing down on impact and there were a few escapees through the rear shattered window, but our volunteers were quick to act. All dogs were retrieved and safely brought back to rescue.

We were desperately in need of funds to help purchase a replacement van so that we could continue to operate at maximum capacity. At a loss, we set up a donation campaign through the 2022 Clear the Shelters event and reached out to all of you, our former adopters. We were deeply humbled at your outpouring of support and monetary donations. By the end of the campaign, 486 donors contributed $39,475 (average donation: $81). What's more, additional donations come in through our website and the mail even to this day! We at Crossing Paths are most grateful to all of our adopters and contributors who so valiantly came to our rescue!

Supplementing the insurance payout, our adopters’ and donors’ generosity allowed us to purchase a new van that was retrofitted with air conditioning, new crates, and a generator, all of which are necessary to keep our furry passengers as comfortable as possible during transport. What’s more, the new van’s extended cab gives us the capability to rescue, adopt out, and transport 10 additional dogs!
2022 Clear The Shelters Campaign:
Distribution of donations by $ amount

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