Rescue Stories

Post Date:
Dec 28, 2022
Crossing Paths Team

Upon visiting the high-kill shelter, we observed a 1-year-old pup curled up in the back of her crate who refused to move. She had a huge abscess on her side. When we learned the story of Zoe, we knew that we had to save her and bring her back to rescue to recuperate. You see, Zoe was thrown into a dumpster behind a fast-food hamburger restaurant. She was covered in grease and developed a large abscess on her side. Volunteers and staff at Crossing Paths got Zoe the medical care she needed and lovingly nursed her back to health. The abscess healed with time and the subsequent positive change in her behavior indicated that her heart had also somewhat healed.

Our adoption coordinator Kathy sought out adopters who would continue to shower her with affection with the hope that Zoe would learn to love and trust again. Kathy patiently waited for the right applicant to come along and knew immediately when she interviewed a young couple that they were Zoe’s perfect match. They indicated that it was Zoe’s background that drew their interest. They believed that they could love her unconditionally and that they possessed the patience it would take to bring this girl out of her shell and teach her to trust and love again. One year later, her adopters wrote to tell us how amazingly well that Zoe settled into her new home. She became a true lovebug and her adopters absolutely adore her.