Hoarded Dogs Rollo and Trina - A Bonded Pair

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Sep 13, 2023
Crossing Paths Team

Founder and President Mary Ellen Tidwell received a call from the mayor of Albertville, AL in June 2023. He informed her that Animal Control found 26 dogs of all ages in a hoarder's home. All were in desperate need of vet care. Although there was virtually no room at rescue, Mary Ellen managed to find places for three of the hoarded dogs Trina, Rollo, and Leena.

Rollo (left) and Trina (right) are now at Rescue

Rollo, Trina, and Leena were never socialized and their fear was palpable. Leena warmed up rather quickly and was adopted in September 2023. Trina and Rollo needed socialization before they would be ready for adoption. They both avoided eye contact at all costs and were very skittish. The patient staff and volunteers of Crossing Paths worked with them in the most loving of ways. Rollo and Trina started to come around. By letting this pair freely roam the building, these pups slowly learned to socialize with humans and other dogs. You should see them now!

Trina and Rollo are now available for adoption! This duo is ready to turn the page on their difficult start at life and find a family who they can love and trust and vice versa. Rollo warms up to strangers a bit faster than Trina, but don't let her fool you, she is a crazy gal and lets you see her shining personality once she trusts you. Trina's self confidence vastly improves in Rollo's presence, so we are adopting them out as a bonded pair. Please go to the Adoptable Dogs section of our website and read more about each of them.