Blondie and Her Litter

Rescue Stories

Post Date:
Jul 14, 2023
Crossing Paths Team

In early May 2023, Crossing Paths received a call from Pell City Animal Shelter after Animal Control dropped off to them a grossly malnourished dog and her 6-week-old litter of ten puppies. Mom had been on her own the entire time that she was nursing despite being little more than skin and bones herself. There was no room at the shelter, so we happily agreed to take them. Unfortunately, three pups were too sickly and past away during the night that it took for us to make space for them.

We named mom "Blondie" and her pups the "Summer Litter" (Aurora, Julian, Lake, Reef, Sailor, Flower, and Nikko). We immediately admitted them into our Critical Care Unit where they were started on weight gain diets. With a little bit of time, Blondie came out of her shell and now loves to show off her wonderful, shining personality! She's smart and sassy and loves people and other dogs. She also knows the commands "sit" and "shake," which suggests that she was loved at some stage in her life.

The puppies struggled to play "catch up," but are now starting to thrive. They have a thin Great Dane build and are growing faster than we can put weight on them, but their resilience has been stunning! Don't let their skinniness fool you...these pups are thriving and are all heart! We know that they will do even better in a home. The Summer Litter puppies have struggled all of their short lives and have more than earned their second chance!