Southern Roots

We are a Non-Profit Animal Rescue Group based in Blount County, Alabama, and we rescue dogs from the local County Animal Shelter --animals that are sometimes minutes away from being euthanized -- and find them good homes.

Each dog comes into our care with a story, and we are so proud to cross paths with these amazing, forgiving, compassionate, and loyal hearts. We undertook this task with the knowledge that we could not help or save every animal we encountered. There have been great heartaches already, but with the hope and faith that caring people will step forth and aid us in this battle, we are sure we will be able to save many more. We have a variety of breeds, sizes and ages available for adoption.

Prior to being offered for adoption, our dogs are completely vetted appropriate to their ages. The dogs have been spayed/neutered, they are given age appropriate core vaccinations, monthly preventatives, and they are dewormed.  Prior to coming north to their forever homes, they are taken to the vet for a final check and an Alabama State Health Certificate.

These dogs have what is important: wonderful temperaments and blank slates to write on. We know you are going to be happy with your dog that has that irresistible southern charm.

Success Stories

Myla’s Story, as told by Adrian: 

Myla came home with us and changed our lives and those around us forever. We know almost nothing of Myla’s history. A check of her records shows us that she was taken in by Crossing Paths Animal Shelter of Cleveland, Alabama. Then, she was spayed at Holly Pond Animal Clinic in Holly Pond, Alabama. We know she was then loaded onto a truck bound for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for adoption. Perhaps her history of who brought her in, where she came from, or what condition she was in doesn’t matter today. What does matter, however, is that someone, somewhere in Alabama, gave her a chance at life.   

Myla is especially gentle with children and takes every opportunity to garner their affection. She gently reciprocates that affection to their delight. It is during these interactions that everyone’s heart is warmed, smiles abound, and strangers become friends. Yet, no one can believe she is a rescue and that she came from a shelter. To that end, on every walk, with every interaction, we advocate for rescues and for those considering getting an animal to look to adopt. Myla has proven to be an ambassador for rescues; we just help her vocalize the love these animals can give.  

Myla’s presence has made and continues to make this world a better, kinder, more lovable place. And all of this is because someone, somewhere, gave her a chance at life.So, to that person somewhere in Alabama, we thank you. Myla thanks you. Our neighbors thank you. Our town thanks you. Other adopted rescues thank you.

Edward & Gigi Smith adopted Axl in October 2018:

We had such an amazing experience yesterday picking up our new fur baby! We are absolutely in love with him! My husband and I never expected his adoption day to be as emotional and fulfilling, but I cannot thank everyone enough for their hard work, dedication and absolute LOVE they give to these dogs and this whole rescue!

Marcia adopted Scooby in November of 2018:

We would like to thank you to make it possible to have Bowlin (now Scooby) joining our family. He's an adorable and happy feller who had no adaptation problems at all. He loves his playmate Rachel, our 2 year female dog and he loves be around people. He has a huge personality, very confident of himself, and loves to play at our backyard and he's always ready for his 7 am walk around the neighborhood. We are very happy for having him as a family member. Thank you!