A Note From Our President


Remember that family dog you had when you were a kid? Remember how it gave you such unconditional love? Always there to listen to your secrets, never telling another living soul? Perhaps giving you comfort when you felt blue, and cheerful at your accomplishments?

Now, what if that loving childhood companion had never crossed your path? What if it had ended up in an Animal Shelter and had been destroyed before coming into your life? Think about the hole that would have left in your childhood memories...

Crossing Paths is helping  thousands of children have that special childhood companion, that special friend. We are a Non-Profit Animal Rescue Group based in Blount County, Alabama, and we rescue dogs from the local County Animal Shelter --animals that are sometimes minutes away from being euthanized -- and find them good homes.

We undertook this task with the knowledge that we could not help or save every animal we encountered. There have been great heartaches already, but with the hope and faith that caring people will step forth and aid us in this battle, we are sure we will be able to save many more.

Because what we do is costly, your donations will go very far in helping us save more of these animals. We are in great need of financial donations. However, if that is not possible,  please see our wishlist of much needed items.

We do so look forward to hearing back from you very soon!

Mary Ellen Tidwell
Co-Founder: Crossing Paths Animal Rescue